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October 2023: 4 running events in Amsterdam this month, from Lululemon event to Amsterdam Marathon.

And suddenly it's October!

My. favourite running month. Beautiful mornings, crisp air, magical fog over Amsterdam's canals.

And in Amsterdam THE place to be if you like running. Or supporting!!

Here are four running (including) events you don't want to miss:

From an inclusive 5km for a good cause, a scenic Halfmarathon, the classic Amsterdam marathon and a Lululemon event - October is an incredible month to run this city.

Runner in autumn in Dutch windmill landscape

Lululemon Mental Health Event

October is mental health month and Lululemon has a special one for you in store (yes, pun intended).

When: Sunday 15th

Where: Starting at their flagshipstore, Leidsestraat

Why you don't want to miss this one:

Don't want to toot my own horn, but reason number one is cause it's hosted by us three Lululemon ambassadors, Gaby for fitness, Nick for Yoga & I will cover the running. It's the perfect Sunday program:

I will lead the run from the store to Vondelpark for an empowering body workout with Gaby, then we run from there to Nick's beautiful studio for a soul-nourishing Yoga session. Running afterwards back to the store for some refreshments. Told you, perfect Sunday!

How to join:

Lululemon event's are usually fully booked in like a day or two. Sign up here.

Fearless 5k run label

Amsterdam, let's move without limits!

Community 5km where everyone is welcome.

When: Sunday 08.10

Why you should join:

At Project Fearless they understand equity! You can run this 5km, walk it, dance it. Just join. You can even do so remote. There are different signup fees possible, depending what's financially possible for you. And the best: by signing up you are supporting the amazing Amsterdam based charity "Project Fearless".

It's happening the day after my 50km trail race, so I am joining remotely and will walk it.

Sign up here:

People running the Amsterdam Half and full Marathon

Amsterdam Halfmarathon

Amsterdam most scenic race, right through the city centre.

When: Sunday 15.10

Why you want to run this:

It's the scenic route through Amsterdam. No matter if you know the city well, or are just visiting. It's very worth it (and flat!). For this year the even is full. You can still be part of the amazing athmosphere by supporting the runners.

Women's running event

Amsterdam Marathon

Europe's weirdest marathon route?

When: Sunday 15.10

Why you want to run this?

I am not so sure. It's THE weirdest route. Amsterdam has so much to offer and is stunning. Unfortunately, the marathon route takes you totally out of the city along the Amstel river. It's just a pity, as one of the joys of city marathons is the people on street supporting you. Amsterdam's route does not really allow that for quite a stretch around mid-way.

How to support the runners:

Make a fun board, or buy sweets to handout. My favourite spot is to stand at Vondelpark, only a few km from the finish. It's so inspiring to see literally bodies of all ages and shapes completing this humbling distance.

More info:


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